Puppy Adoption Questionnaire
Yorkshire Terrier or Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Adoption Questionnaire        
Would you please be so kind as to copy and paste this questionnaire into a word document
or an email, fill in the questions and email it to  me at...

City, State, Zip:

Are you interested in a traditional Yorkshire Terrier, a golden Yorkshire Terrier or a
Biewer Yorkshire Terrier?  

Are you interested in a male or female puppy?

1. Who will be the primary care giver?

2. Where will the puppy be kept during the night?

3. Where will the puppy be during the day?

4. Is anyone home during the day?

5. How many hours will the puppy be alone per day?

6. Have you ever owned a dog before?

7. Are you prepared to potty train (I will provide instruction)?

8. Do you have children? What are their ages? I am not opposed to selling to family's with children.  
Remember that I have 10 grandkids!

9. Please provide me with 2 or 3 references to include name, address's and telephone number
preferably      to include your veterinarian if you have one).  If you do not have a pet now and have had
one before I         would like that vet's name and phone number please.

10. How did you hear about us?

11. We want you to come to visit us and pick up your puppy.  Is this acceptable to you?

12.  Vet name, address and phone number.  Please be sure that you give them permission for me to
contact them for a reference.

13. Have you ever house trained a dog before?

14.  How long have you lived at this address?

15. Will you be attending any training classes?

16. How long did your last pet live?

17. Have you ever returned a dog, and if so why?

18. Have you ever given a dog away or taken a dog to a shelter, and if so why?

19.  What are your expectations for a  Almost Heaven Biewer or Cloverdale Yorkie  pup or adult?

20.Do you have the means to care for our puppy including giving it yearly vet care and anything it
needs     to live a pampered and spoiled life?  :-)

21  Do you already own a Biewer or Yorkshire Terrier?

22.  Do you understand the difference between a Pet Quality, must be spayed or neutered at  the
appropriate age) and Full Registration (show and/or breeding Potential quality)?  All pet quality pups
registration papers are held by us.

23. Do you have any affiliation with any Biewer or Yorkshire Terrier Club here in North America or in      
Germany (Europe)?  If so which one?

24. Do you have intentions to eventually breed the puppy/dog?  

25.  Are you interested in showing the puppy/dog?

26.  Have you ever shown a puppy/dog before?

27.  Do you understand that if you no longer can keep our puppy/dog that it must be returned to
us             and never go to rescue, a shelter, be used in animal testing, go to a puppy mill or to a
unscrupulous breeder?  If you need to place the pup/dog we will assist you.

28.  Please tell us a little bit about yourselves!

We hold on to all registration papers for pet quality  puppies.  We truly appreciate that you took the
time to fill this questionnaire out.  We are only interested in people who will love and care for our pups
the way that we take care of ours, with love, affection and true devotion!  

Please copy and paste this into an email or a Word Document and address it to MistyLK13@aol.com.  
Please put Yorkie or Biewer Adoption Questionnaire in the subject line!  Thanks so much!  Please follow
up with a phone call... sometimes email goes into my SPAM folder and I don't see it!

IMPORTANT NOTE... 6% West Virginia sales tax will be added to all pups sold.
If you are considering one of our puppies, we are flattered! We know that you
have done your research, and have learned that we work very hard to breed and
raise pups that are genetically sound, healthy, intelligent and beautiful.  I am very
passionate about the Yorkshire Terrier and Biewer Yorkshire Terrierbreeds (as
you will soon see)!  
I try to have as much educational material on my web site about the Biewers and
Yorkies as I can.  I have so much more that I want to add and will continue to do
so as my time allows!

We feel that we may have some of the best puppies in the country: our pups are
handled and played with every day of their first 90 days with us. By the time your
Almost Heaven Biewer  or Yorkshire Terrier puppy arrives, he or she has been
exposed to all types of surfaces, noises, and sights.  Your pup has been for rides
in the car and been socialized by many of my 10 grandchildren! They have had a
great deal of human contact!

Your new pup will have been on solid food for at least 6 weeks, and been
wormed and vaccinated appropriate for his or her age.
We feel our puppies are special and we want their new homes to be special. Our pups will need love
and attention and training. Pups must be taught correct behaviors and learn to be good citizens and
members of the family. You must be willing to devote a substantial number of hours to caring for and
training your new pup, or arrange to have the dog trained.

The following questionnaire will give you an idea of some things we consider important in determining
intended to provoke you into thinking about how you will handle certain issues related to your pup.  
Others are to aid in your pup's selection from the litter.

Once we have received and reviewed your questionnaire, we will be in touch with you to discuss the
choice of a litter, and puppy, that will be perfect for you.  Deposits for Yorkshire Terrier puppies are
$300.00, Biewers and Golden Yorkies are $500.00.
Deposits are Non-Refundable so pleae be sure of your
 A puppy is considered available until your deposit is received.  When you are ready to send a
deposit you will fill out the Puppy Deposit Agreement particular to the timing of sending the deposit
(before the litter is on the ground or after).  
If a puppy is sold or transferred in the state of West Virginia, %6 sales tax applies to the purchase price
of the pup.

*** I reserve the right to cancel any sale at any time if I deem that the prospective owners are not
suitable for one of my pups ***

I retain all registration papers that are sold on a pet quality puppies.

would love for you to meet the puppies in person but visits cannot be scheduled until the puppies have
had their first set of vaccinations, typically at 8 weeks of age per Veterinary recommendation.

We very much appreciate you're taking the time to read this and fill out this application.  

Have a blessed day!

~~~Important note~~~
Of course I will be very select in whom I sell my pups too.  My pups will be sold as pets only.   

No pup may be resold, brokered, auctioned, given to rescue, used in animal testing etc.  Any
Co-Ownership with anyone other that myself will have to be under written contract and signed by me.  
Any pup that must be re-homed for what ever reason by the buyer must be returned to us and will be
re-homed or kept by us.  Any proceeds from the sale of the pup, depending on how long we keep him or
her, will be given to the buyer (minus any expenses involved in the subsequent re-placement of the

This measure alleviates the chance for any of my pups to be re-sold to puppy mills, brokers,
unscrupulous breeders or breeders that do not mirror my very strict ethics.  People we choose not to
sell our pups too.  
As you can imagine, this is