We welcome you  to our home in  Charles Town, West Virginia!

Our home is in the midst of the Shenandoah Valley, rich in Civil War
battlefields, history and the beautiful Potomac and Shenandoah River's
near Harpers Ferry.  
Welcome to our home!  
Here's Mercedes floating.
Here's Delilah floating and showing off her new life
jacket.  She's not looking to happy about it!!.  She's not a
big fan of the pool as you can tell!  Tazz on the other hand
loves the pool, and the boat, and the Harley, and go
fishing, He's a tough cooke too!!!
Delilah's playing with the Biewer
We hang out here in the shade when Mom is cleaning and when it's not too
hot outside!  When it is, we prefer the air conditioning and so does Mom!  
We get the coolest beds and our tent came from our Secret Santa!!
This is where Mom and Dad relax and have friends over.  We bark at them
until they let us come down to swim!!!  We always wear our life jackets
because of Misty's boating accident.  We love our house!!!  Mom bought us
a boat for the pool but our cousin Vega popped it with her nail...  Dad's say's
he's gonna fix it but it ain't happened yet!!!  UMMMMM Dad????
When we bark loud enough they let us come down here under the
deck on the patio.  We like it down here because of the shade and
because we can listen to what they talk about!  Did I hear we are
getting ANOTHER dog???  Say it ain't so!!!!
We don't get away with much cuz Mom has cameras everywhere to
watch us and keep up safe.  One time a man came back here and almost
got in trouble... BIG trouble with our Mom.  She's VERY protective of
us!! You do not want to mess with our MOM!!!  She's a tough cookie!  
Cookie... did somebody say cookie????
You might catch us taking a nap or waiting for the UPS
man to bring us goodies!  They are ALWAYS for us because
Mom loves to spoil us!!  Dad thinks shes a complusive
doggie spoiler...We like Mommy better...wink wink!!!
Here is Spookie... she asked Mom to put her food on the outside
grooming table so we would not eat it.  She is a huntress like our Mom.  ]
Spookie keeps all the bunnies in the yard a runnin!
We keep is Spookie running... we chase her round and round
this porch!!   She jumps off and goes up a tree so we can't get  
falls and have a contest to see who gets it first!