My hubby Eddie and I have been married for 13yrs.  Together  we have 4 grandchildren!  We are raising our 9 and 14 year old grandkids!  I was in the body shop business for 30 years with family.  We have 2 rescue horses, one pony,  a rescue German Shepard and 54 chickens! 

When I  watched Molly’s videos  I  was drawn to wanting to learn all I could learn to be able to bred like her.  The joy of  them being born, caring for them and finding good homes for them was pulling on my heartstrings.  It is something positive and beautiful.  I want to learn as much as I can and carry on her program, her beautiful dogs and her reputation!  

I love dogs, they are like my best friends!   Unconditional love is what they give and I want to give it back! I have learned so much, yet… I still have so much more to learn and Molly has most graciously agreed to trust me with her breeding program and will mentor me!

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