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Thanks for stopping by!  On this page you will learn what to expect when purchasing one of our Biewer Yorkie, Golddust Yorkie or traditional Yorkie pups, as well as my  philosophies!

Are you interested in adopting an adorable Almost Heaven Biewer pup or a Cloverdale Yorkie pup? A prospective buyer should always ask questions of their potential breeder.  Let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me, my breeding program and offer answers to some questions you may have!

Purchasing a Puppy

My name is Molly Forman and I am owned by my exquisite Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pon’s and Yorkshire Terriers, both traditional colors and the Golden Yorkies as well.  This hobby has enabled me to know many wonderful people, learn a great deal about the breed and become a pioneer in the United States as I am one of the very first to own Biewer’s in America!  I used to periodically show our beautiful dogs in conformation.  Since I sold my salon business and went to work in a corporation I do not have much time for showing.  I will hopefully return to it in my retirement years!

I spare no expense for our Biewers or Yorkies.  Our breeding pairs are tested for Liver Shunt by doing Bile Acid testing and all are Liver Shunt free.  We have a one year Health Guarantee for all genetic defects.  My pups are raised in my home under foot.  My fur babies sleep in my bed, they warm my heart! They are not kennel kept.  I place my puppies at 12 weeks of age or later depending on size, temperament and recommendation of my veterinarian.

My Biewers and Yorkies are all well behaved, beautiful and my breeding Biewers are wonderful representations of the Breed Standard.  Any puppy always has a home to come back to if for any reason the adoptive parents can no longer keep them. There will be no refunds of money.  If there are any questions please feel free to call me.

Below you will find all the necessary information that you’ll need to adopt a pup from me!

I can be reached on email and phone..  I am an extremely busy person because of my fur-babies, my business’s and my family (10 grandchildren!!!)  🙂  I am usually up late so feel free to call anytime between 9 am and 9 pm.

Male or Female
While we would love to keep each and every one of our little darling puppies, unfortunately we cannot.  We do have puppies available from time to time.  Females are harder to come by because there just aren’t as many born as males and often they are kept by the breeders to keep their lines going.

Please give equal consideration to male and female puppies.  The males do not mark if they are neutered when they are young, typically by 6 months of age and have not learned that practice yet.  Males tend to want to be with you more, are more loving and are not as independent as the females.  On occasion, we do have tiny puppies however, we most certainly do not breed for that particular size on purpose.

What Are Biewers?
The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la pom Pon (pronounced Bee-va) originated in Hunsruck, Germany, in 1984. Werner and Gertrude Biewer bred the first Biewer through a gene mutation, also known as a recessive piebald gene, in their Yorkshire Terriers.  The master parents were “Darling von Friedheck” and “Fru Fru von Friedheck”. Both dogs were blue and tan and were world youth winners in 1981 at Dortmund. Their breeding brought the first blue, white, and golden Biewer Yorkshire, “Schneeflocken von Friedheck”, born in January of 1984.  If a tri-colored Yorkie were born here in the USA it would be known as a Parti Yorkie.  The only difference is that the Biewer was born in Germany and was named after Mr. Biewer.

Politics in the Yorkie world made it a different breed as the tri-colored dogs were not in the Yorkshire Standard and could not be shown under it.  Being born a different color does not make the dog a different breed in my humble opinion!  Mr. Biewer continued breeding his colored Yorkies to achieve their white bellies and four white paws. In 1989, the Biewer was accepted as its own breed with the ACH German e.V.

The breed standard is that of a Yorkshire Terrier except for the coloring and the full tail. The head must have three colors: black or blue, white, and gold in good symmetry. The belly, chest, legs, and the tip of the tail are white. The tail is full. The back is blue or black with white in it. The hair is silky. Just like in traditional colored Yorkshires the black on the pup sometimes turns blue with age.  Also, as in some Yorkshire Terriers, sometimes it does not change!  I am quite often asked  if Biewers are toy, standard, teacup, babydoll or miniature.  The Biewer is in the TOY or Companion Group. Just like the Yorkshire Terrier. Some Biewers & Yorkies are smaller than others.  The breed standard weight for the Biewer & Yorkies should be between 4 and no more than 7 lbs.

Full Or Limited Registration
We do not place our pups for breeding. That said, we are VERY particular about who will get a pup from us.  You can tell color and sometimes structure but bites can go off, testicles can go up and down, top lines can go off.  It is said that a pups structure at 8 weeks of age will be what it is at full growth.  Even days after 8 weeks they will go off structurally (even bites) because of rapid growth and hormones but will sometimes come back around to what they were at 8 weeks of age.  That is why it is so important to evaluate at 8 weeks of age.

Weight for toy breeds… Triple the weight at 8 weeks and double it at 12 and you should come pretty close to what they will chart as an adult.  This is NOT always the case though so we never guarantee weights.  Please know if you ask me for a pup and tell me that you are not a breeder but you do want to breed only once I won’t sell a pup  to you.  All pet quality pups will be sold on a strict spay and neuter contract to prevent irresponsible breeding if they have not been already spayed and or neutered before leaving my home.  Registration papers are not given for pet quality pups.

Proof must be sent to me that spay and neutering has occurred on Veterinarian letterhead and I call to confirm this has happened.  We maintain strict records and adhere to a Code of Ethics set forth for us as hobby breeders.  Our Biewers & Yorkies and their pups are healthy, beautiful, sound and have loving, wonderful temperaments.  We temperament test our pups at 45 days.  Temperament testing helps us match our pups to the family’s that wish to adopt them.

In comparison, Biewer and Golden Yorkie prices are considerably higher than that of a traditional Yorkshire Terrier because of their rarity and initial investment of a breeders lines.  My prices are not determined until the pups are evaluated for structure, soundness, health and temperament.  Biewer and Yorkie prices as in many breeds, will range in price usually based on pedigree, registrations, health checks, vaccination protocol, micro chipping, markings on the body, and the estimated adult size etc.  Please contact me for the current prices.  We charge 6% sales tax on all pups sold in the state of West Virginia.

Our Pups Digs
Our pups are raised in our home and under foot.  They are whelped in my state of the art whelping room and have hands on care every day thereafter.  After that they have their own puppy bedroom until they are old enough and big enough to be with the other fur-family!  In their puppy room they have music, television for stimulation and a 2 compartment whelping box for the beginning stages of potty training.

We feed them only the highest quality puppy foods (Fromm and home-cooked as well as some raw) to ensure they have the best start in life.  When they are old enough, they are moved to the family room to be properly socialized.  I have a large home so all of the rooms are equipped with digitally recorded video surveillance system so I can watch the pups and adult dogs anywhere I am, including our cars and cell phones.  I love technology!  I can see them at all times! I have over 25 security cameras in my home! I have constant monitoring of my home and pups and my housekeeper takes good care of them while she is here! 

Waiting List And Deposits
After careful screening I will put interested parties on a waiting list.  A $300 deposit is required to hold a traditional Yorkie puppy and a $300 deposit for a Biewer or Golddust puppy.  All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

I will take your deposit to hold your puppy until it reaches it’s proper age to leave.  Deposits are taken on a first come first serve basis for picking out your puppy. That means, whomever gives us the first deposit has the first pick AFTER we have chosen any puppy we want may want to keep,  (if any) or in case of my using stud service, my obligation is to the breeder whose male I have used first for first pick of Show/Breeding quality pups.

At 8 to 9 weeks of age we evaluate our pups to determine health and structure. Typically at that age you look for structure and bites and if it is a male, if his testicles have dropped etc.
If the deposit is for a pet quality dog they get first pick of all the pet quality pups.

The final payment for puppy must be paid in CASH ONLY when the puppy is picked up. No puppy will leave my home until it is paid in full and if paid by check, the check must be paid 10 days in advance and the check must clear the bank before pup leaves. Money wire transfers are acceptable previous to your picking up your puppy.  6% West Virginia sales tax will be charged on all pups that are sold in the state of West Virginia.

No checks, money orders or certified checks are accepted the day the puppy is picked up.

Health Guarantee
Our puppies are guaranteed to be in excellent health when they leave our home. They are guaranteed for 1 year against life threatening congenital defects. Exceptions are patella luxation or tracheal collapse because of environmental issues.  I do not guarantee bites.  If a congenital defect is found or death should occur, you must notify me immediately.  In the event of death of puppy, the Buyer (at Buyer’s expense) must provide us a letter stating cause of death from the attending veterinarian along with a copy of necropsy report.   I will not cover the death of any puppy due to hypoglycemia, neglect or gosh forbid…abuse. 🙁  These steps are to make you aware that I am a caring breeder who is willing to back up my pups. It also ensures that I will be notified of any hereditary defects so I can alter my breeding program if necessary.

If the cause of death is found to be due to a congenital medical condition and my vet is in agreement, a replacement puppy of the same quality will be arranged.  If one is not available at that time, I will replace it from the next litter of equal quality. All veterinary bills are the responsibility of the buyer.

 When Is It Time To Visit Your Puppy?
No personal visits allowed until the first set of shots are given to the litter which happens at approximately 9  to 10 weeks of age.  This is for the protection of the puppies. Please, absolutely no other pets may be present or are allowed to visit my home please. Parvo, germs, parasites, etc can be brought in and we need to be VERY careful.  No visits to other breeders or pet shops, Petco, etc that day will be allowed before coming to my home.  No exceptions.  We encourage visits into our home but appointments are required.

Vet Care And Time To Leave
As stated above… all pups will have been vet checked and will have had at least their first set of vaccinations, are wormed, fecal tested, ears and eyes and knees checked and are structurally evaluated. 
We put a great deal of time, money, love and attention into our breeding program.  We reserve the right to not let a puppy go to it’s forever home until we and our vet are in agreement that it is ready to leave our home. We reserve the right to not let a puppy go if we do not feel that it is that pups best interest to go there. Under our contract, you must take your new baby to your vet within three (7) days of adoption.  Biewer’s and Yorkie’s can be HIGH MAINTENANCE especially if you keep them in coat!  Biewers & Yorkies are simply gorgeous but they aren’t for everyone so do your homework.  We encourage our buyers to come and sit with the pups. Your puppy will pick you as much as you pick them!  They will steal your heart so be careful!!
Puppy Care Package
In order to give our pups the best possible start in their new homes we send a puppy care package that includes useful information about the Yorkie & Biewer Yorkie breed, some valuable information on grooming, feeding, potty training, and how to tape the ears if it is necessary.
Also included is our contract & health guarantee & the pups health records.  We supply a bag of food with our pups, a blanket and toys that they love.  New things are added to the puppy packs every time! They will be groomed and ready to go!

Who May NOT Adopt A Puppy From Us?
If you are a puppy mill, a broker or a pet store you need not bother wasting my time. I ABSOLUTELY will not sell to you.  We maintains the right to change these conditions at any time as we see fit and we reserve the right at any time to refuse to sell to anyone we feel is not right for our puppies.  We will not sell to mass producers of puppies.

No pup may be resold, brokered, auctioned, given to rescue, used in animal testing etc.  Any Co-Ownership with anyone other than myself will have to be under strict written contract and signed by me.   If I find out that any of my pet quality pups are not spayed or neutered by the time frame that I specify in my contract and pups are produced from that puppy there will be a $3000.00 fee for EACH pup produced and I will prosecute!!!  Some say that I am trying to alleviate competition but that could not be further from the truth.  What I am doing is protecting my pups from indiscriminate breeding by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing thus having the potential to harm the dog.  I have worked long and hard on my breeding program for the last 23 years.  I have had good times and not so good times.  Breeding is not for the faint of heart and bad things can happen. It is my policy not to sell to breeders unless they are my friends and  I will be a part of that pups life.  

Re-homing Your Puppy?
In the event the Buyer chooses to sell or other wise relinquish ownership of the pup/dog, it hereby agreed that the Breeder will be notified and IF POSSIBLE the breeder will either keep the dog or re-home the dog for the buyer. Money received (if any) less any expenses incurred in re-homing the dog, (including room and boarding, grooming, vet care, etc, will be forwarded to the Buyer.  If buyer wishes to re-home the pup/dog, Breeder must know where the pup/dog is going and the dog must be spayed or neutered before it leaves the Buyers home and never sold for breeding purposes.  Buyer will not transfer ownership of this dog to anyone at anytime without the knowledge or consent of the seller.  NO REFUNDS OF MONEY AT ANY TIME).

This measure alleviates the chance for any of my pups to be re-sold to puppy mills, brokers,  auctioneers, pet shops, unscrupulous breeders or breeders that do not mirror my very strict ethics.  Those are obviously people whom we choose not to sell our pups too.  As you can imagine… This is MOST IMPORTANT to me!!!!

A breeder that mirrors my ethics would never EVER sell their pups through a pet shop… Pups sold at pet stores are indeed from PUPPY MILLS!  If you SAVE a puppy from a pet store you fund the puppy mills. It’s that simple!!

Here is a printable list of things needed to spoil your new puppy! Click here…
Puppy Supplies

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