Our Nursery

We are again accepting deposits for some of our newest pups and upcoming litters! For information on my breeding program, what I expect from the future families of my pups and a little about me and my philosophies, etc. please visit my “Purchasing A Puppy” page on my website!
Typically pups held with deposit can be seen by their new families after they are 10 to 12 weeks old and after their Puppy Wellness veterinarian visit after the first vaccination has been administered! Because of Covid-19 we ask that you play close attention to my videos and pictures choose your pup that way until further notice!

For the most up-to-date Deposit List, please visit my Facebook page!

❤️Puppy Deposit List♥️

We are again accepting deposits for some of our newest pups and upcoming litters! We will have some males available!
F = Female
M = Male
T = Traditional Yorkie (black/ blue and gold)
B = Biewer Yorkie (black, white, gold)
G = Golddust Yorkie (all gold)
BI = Biro (brown, white and gold)
Current litters
Raven/Logan Biewer born on 4/4/22 – 3M-3F
Fancy Dancy Car names!
Blue M/B * Bugatti
Pink F/B * Porsche
Yellow F/B * Lotus
Red M/B * Ferrari
Green M/B * Maserati
Orange F/B * Mercedes
Saylor/Logan Biewer born 4/8/22 – 3M
Goooood Bourbon names!
Blue M/BI * Cognac
Yellow M/B * Booker
Green M/BI * Elijah Craig
Amber/Caramel Trad/gold born 4/10 3F – 2 M
Momma loves her Tequila names!
Green M/T * Patron
Red F/G * Anjeo
Yellow F/T * Azul
Pink F/T * Cabo
Blue M/G * Wabo
Gracie/Lincoln (B) due 6/4
The names of the person(s) who have sent deposits are in the order that I recieved them!
Deposit 1 – Kathy J – tiny Trad or Biewer F or M WAITING
Deposit 2 – C Spangler – Biewer F
Deposit 3 – Georgia P – Golddust F
Deposit 4 – C Szymanski – Any color F – or retired girl!
Deposit 5 – K Drugas – tiny/small M any color
Deposit 6 – S Driver – F Biewer
Deposit 7 – D Raup – M Biewer or Biro
Deposit 8 – L Lucente F Biewer or retired F Biewer
Deposit 9 – G Ward – F Biewer
Deposit 10 – B Mundey – F Biewer
Deposit 11 – Linda S – Biewer F
Deposit 12 – William G – Trad M
Deposit 13 – V McLaughlin tiny 1.T, 2. G or 3. B female.
Deposit 14 – L Rex – traditional
Deposit 15 – S Balzer – M BI or B
Deposit 16 –
Deposit 17 –
Deposit 18
Deposit 19
Deposit 20
*** I do not ship *** I do however have two lap nanny’s who are available to deliver.
For info and prices please call Deb @ 240-586-9646